Demystifying The Climate

Dr Colin Summerhayes DSc explains.

The Climate Pulse Podcast

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Listen to Colin and his son Joel chat about climate change issues and simplify the causes and effects of this complex field.

Joel is an educationalist, business consultant and podcaster with a knack for putting complex concepts (e.g. economic and business theories) into simple to understand English. He likes using analogies and stories with a global perspective. 

Colin is the scientist and will supply the science behind the stories.

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The Blog - Coming Soon

Read Colin’s short, explanatory articles on all matters climate and climate change.

Attention Educators!
Coming soon: teaching resources, including worksheets and answers for primary and ESL classes.

Dr Colin Summerhayes is an Emeritus Associate in Cambridge University’s Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI). He has directed a number of Science institutes and committees, and has published multiple books and numerous scientific journal articles on climate change.

Colin studied Geology and Geochemistry at University College London, Oxford University, Imperial College London, and Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand.

He also worked as a marine scientist for the New Zealand Oceanographic Institute, the University of Cape Town, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Exxon, BP, and UNESCO.

Read Colin’s books for in-depth coverage of the science. His latest book ‘The Icy Planet‘ is aimed at the general public.

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