Climate Pulse Podcast

- coming soon -

Why the podcast?

Joel and Colin chat about lots of issues faced by the planet we all live on. Whether you believe in climate change or not, there are many more pressing issues they will discuss. For example mountains of plastic in the oceans, toxic air quality, poisoned farmland and rivers. They will also, of course, talk about climate change, Colin providing the scientific mind and Joel the format and guiding questions.

They aim to make this interesting and accessible for everyone, including school kids, by sticking to plain English. Scientists may find a valuable format for making science accessible to the general public. Something the scientific community have been struggling with.

Episode 1 pt 1 - Is it weather or climate?

We have daily weather reports but not climate reports. Colin explains why. Apparently, there is a difference between weather and climate.

Episode 1 pt 2 - Is it weather or climate?

Joel and Colin continue their conversation from part 1 and expand upon the simple question – weather or climate.

Episode 2 - What actually is climate change?

Colin explains the ins and outs of climate change. No science background needed to understand it.

Episode 3 - Are scientists good at explaining science?

To most people, scientists talk gobbledegook. Joel puts Colin, one of the world’s leading scientists, on the spot and asks if he believes scientists are good at explaining science to the general public.

Episode 4 - What do climate scientists do?

Why do climate scientists continuously take pictures of penguins? Joel poses this and more serious questions to Colin.

Episode 5 - Climate change and the general public

Why does the general public struggle to understand the seriousness of climate change?

Read Colin’s books for in-depth coverage of the science. His latest book ‘The Icy Planet‘ is aimed at the general public.